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Print this form
Step 2:
Enter information on form
Step 3:
Tape form to the top of your Console
Step 4:
Place padding under console, place in box, enclose payment, mark FRAGILE.
         Ship just the bare unit, no wires or controllers please.
       (the postal service provides a flat rate box that will fit your Console)
Step 5:
Ship to:

Drum Electronics
3716 Cloverdale Road
Bensalem, PA 19020
610-272-6990 ask for Jeff

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  Return Shipping Tracking numbers sent by paypal or please email with your last name for tracking number or status updates.

  Please note: if using Paypal we will lookup your last name when repairs are complete and ship using the
 paypal shipping features, or we will send the paypal invoice when your console is ready to ship.