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Ps2 Full Repair
[Ps2 Console]

Special $45 includes

  • All Parts including laser and board
  • Labor
  • Cleaning and calibration
  • Tray and Case Alignment
  • Testing of all functions/ports
  • and 90 Day Warranty

    We stock all Playstation 2 parts, our quick turn around time is three days or less in most cases!

    Unlike most repair sites we repair Playstation 2 motherboard electronics and have 11 years electronics repair experience!

    No Hidden Charges, $45 covers all common repairs and parts

    Common Repairs:

    Clicking or Buzzing noises
    Trays that will not close / damaged tray
    No Power, No Video, No Sound
    Controller / Memory Card - Ports bad
    SlimLine V12 PS2 Disk Read Error
    Unit was dropped
    Games Freezing
    Mod install failures are okay  (extra charge may apply)
    Broken Cables are included.

Avoid repair sites that have misleading shipping,
checkout charges and unlisted rates on replacement parts.

Please include the following form with your PS2 >>> 

Paypal preferred, Money orders and Cashier Checks are accepted, please make Payable to: Drum Electronics 

Dealer and Reseller ok- Call for discounts on five or more units.

Same day shipping till 4:30pm EST, Check our perfect Ebay Power Seller Feedback aczen123

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Dienstag, 07. Dezember 2010 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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